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Happy June and Friday. 
Our first edition is here, thank you for the patience. By edition, I mean first topic we’ve ever had is up and running. This edition’s topic, “The War on Drugs.” To explain about editions and topics, basically we’ll pick certain topics to organize educated thought. That’s the purpose of Project: Awakening, to get people thinking about things. Also, to give people an opportunity to speak their mind on the issue. It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you might be on, with an open mind all opinions are equal. 
Also, we’ll be airing our first podcast on Monday. Our podcast has been named “Ethic Radio” and this episode will be reflecting the current issue “The War on Drugs.” We’ll be posting a link on here for everyone to listen to it. 
Anyway, we’d love to hear from you and your opinion on the issue, so please let us know. 
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Yep. You read it right. We don’t have many followers on Facebook or Twitter ( so I’m appealing to you tumblr people. 

I’m asking you, if you have a Facebook or Twitter to tweet at either one or all of the Kardashians asking for them to tweet/say something that’s socially relevant. Then hash tag it #CrashTheKardashians

I know what you’re thinking ‘they can say whatever they want.’ You’re right, they can. 

But wouldn’t it be nice for a prominent person in the proletariat society to say something that’s actually socially relevant? To tweet or post something that actually could progress society? 

I think it would. That’s the only way to get the closed minded to listen, sadly. 

So I ask all of you open minded people to step up and see if we could start something! We start with the Kardashians, but who knows where we -and society- will go next. 


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NATO/G8 Summit Chicago May 20th!

This Sunday, May 20th, thousands from all over will make the travel to Chicago to voice their opinion about war, poverty, collusion, Bradley Manning and many more issues.

These are issues that cannot be ignored anymore. 

Will you be there? 

Like or Reblog. 

Investing in a kick ass camera tomorrow.

We’ll be there. 



Guess What?

Semester ended today. Therefore, this shit just got real. 

Prepare for an awakening summer, followers!